Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ode to Ikea

Oh, I love you Ikea!
I love you for the close proximity to my house - 3.5 miles!
I love you for your covered parking and many entrances.
I love you for your 99 cent kids meals and delicious mac & cheese.
I love you for providing bibs, kids silverware, and cups.
I love you for your 69 cent mini animal toys that my kids think are a big treat.
I love you especially for your family restroom - decorated, furnished with free diapers, stepping stools, and 2 separate areas - a play area and a bathroom area!!
I love that your kids section (with lots of things to play with) is located directly next to the cafe and the family restroom -
Thank you Ikea for saving me from many a rainy day stuck inside with these kids!!

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