Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

* In case you haven't heard Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and the whole financial world was turned upside down. What does this have to do with my kids? Because now their Daddy has been at work for 2 straight days, yes that includes Sunday. What happens when Daddy is at work before they wake up and after they go to bed? We all go crazy.

* Watching the summer Olympics from China this year I was often amazed at the sheer athleticism of the athletes. They always appeared so graceful and made whatever sport -gymnastics, running, swimming - look so easy. I think they should have an amateur compete next to the Olympians just so the viewers at home can see the difference! Watching my 2.5 yr olds running, jumping, climbing, etc I am just amazed that they don't kill themselves. But I also love to watch Drew's quiet determination. And both of them have expressions of pure joy when running as fast as they can (until they fall and scrape their knee...again).

* Tyler is into snuggling, which often looks like tackling and is sometimes coupled with a bite or two. Ella and Drew love it. We were all laughing our way around the supermarket tonight as Ty mauled Drew in the shopping cart.

* I've been going to different parks in town and in neighboring towns in part to find some new local friends. Im finding that there are a lot of grandparents caring for their grandchildren while both parents work. Today I counted 9 kids in the park and I was the only non-grandparent. So, Im taking up Bingo, crocheting, and I signed up for a bus to AC to play the slots. Geesh.

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