Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Great Outdoors

It seems funny to think of my parents house as a great expanse of nature - especially since I lived in Montana for a year, romping around national parks. I don't know how to classify where we live now. It is too crowded to feel suburban, but not even close to the urban lifestyle of Hoboken or NYC.
Anyway, we had a great time playing in the yard and exploring their woods. Drew seemed most enchanted with the woods. He was swinging sticks, stomping on fallen trees and holding branches back so Ella could walk by. Somersaults, hide and seek and playing tag rounded out the morning.

Im looking forward to spending lots of time there this summer.


Jason said...

Lauren--I'm reading a book right now called "Last Child in the Woods" that you might find interesting in light of this post. I'm only through the first few chapters but it's a very enlightening read about how kids are growing up today without interaction with nature.

Monkey Business said...

Hi J! I have heard of this book and am a little afraid to read it. Will I feel like Im damaging my kids by living in NJ and only experiencing nature in manicured parks and well traveled hiking trails? Let me know when you finish if I should add it to my library list. I dream about nature everyday. I miss it.