Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Girl

Dear Ella,
Last night while out for a walk I followed a mother daughter pair also out for a walk. I was struck at how their body types were so similar, their gaits, even their haircuts! I imagined them the best of friends meeting for walks a few times a week and chatting about everything. If we lived closer to Nonnie that is what I would do, although I would be the shorter rounder version of the tall lean Nonnie machine and Im not quite ready for her semi-bowl cut.
Anyway, watching this cute pair got me daydreaming about you and me. I hope you stay close to me in more ways than one. I can't wait to delight in your experiences and encourage you through challenges.
I want to take walks, meet for lunch, and float in the pool.
Let's all move to Nonnie's house and never leave.

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