Monday, April 20, 2009

LOST: My Mind

I last saw it somewhere on Rt 17, just before my head exploded.

The details aren't important and that's the thing that kills me. Screaming, biting, crying, dirty diapers...all mundane harmless (well maybe not the biting, but no medical attention needed) incidents. So why when added up over a rainy, runny nose, coughing Monday morning do they equal total head explosion?

This may be the great mystery of motherhood. You quietly deal with the slow pecking away at your sanity. The pushing. The whining. The misbehaving. The stares from store staff. The begging. The clinging. You respond to each with a gentle smile or a firm reprimand, but then you move on. Or so you think. Next thing you know, your mind is on the side of the highway.

I made it the rest of the way home with the radio turned up higher than they had ever experienced. High enough so that I couldn't hear the whining, crying, and sniffling. Because I am a mom and we all have guilt - I checked the rearview often. I was expecting to see them cringing or covering their ears. But the contrary- they were relaxed. One fell asleep and the others quietly looked out the window.

Im hoping to regain some sanity during their nap. A few cups of tea and some Easter candy may do the trick.

Just in time to welcome another 3 yr old in for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Did I say tea? I think I may need something a little stronger!

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Anonymous said...

Tea?? Come on mama - you meant tea-quila, right?