Thursday, April 23, 2009


All kids love routine, ask anyone you know. It seems though, that my kids are especially fond of routine. So much so that you may hear Mike and I saying things like, "sometimes we do things differently and thats ok!" It is ridiculous. You must have caught on by now that these monkeys are pretty quirky.

So, a few of our routines...

We take our shoes off when entering the house. Ella barely takes a step before ripping them off and rushing to the shoe basket. After a few incidents of taking her shoes off upon entering the diner or a store, she now asks whenever we go somewhere new, "Shoes off or on?"

When crossing a street I hold Tyler in one arm, hold Drew's hand with the free arm and Ella holds Drew's hand. Recently I realized my most unpredictable child was out of my grasp in busy parking lots, so I tried to switch it up. Oh, nelly, Drew is not happy about that!

The bedtime routine takes the cake. After pj's, a vitamin, and brushing teeth comes a game. Then it is stories and they always need a drink of water mid-story. Finally they use the bathroom and then head upstairs. While going upstairs they take turns saying, "put the music on, leave the door open, and don't make that noise!" We still haven't figured out what "that noise" is.

Thus concludes one of my most boring posts.

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