Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey Lady!

We were lucky enough to be a stop on my friend Sarah's visit to the "lower 48" this week. She has been living in Alaska for the last 8 years...crazy, I know!

It was her first visit to NYC so we couldn't let her go without a stop at one of the Big Apples main attractions. After much deliberation we settled on the Statue of Liberty. The decision seemed great until it started snowing. Not wanting to seem wimpy in front of our Tundra living pal, we braved the trip despite the weather.

Uhm, it was cold. And windy.

But, we had fun anyway. The kids loved the ferry rides to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. It was great to look up at the beautiful monument and reflect on all of the people who have been welcomed by her. It was fun to go, as so often you neglect the touristy things right under your nose.

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