Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In My Absence...

We have had a fun filled, exciting, and truly wonderful few days. We left for MA on Thur night and returned to NJ on Monday afternoon.

On Friday morning Ella, Drew, Tyler and I enjoyed my parents yard. Coming from NJ and the land of teeny tiny square backyards - if you can get one - we thoroughly enjoyed the expanse of their property. At one point I realized that just their front yard is bigger than some of our favorite parks. More on that to come this week.

Friday afternoon we rode up to see our NH cousins - especially to meet my newest niece. So nice to see a girl after the last 5 cousins have been boys! She is absolutely beautiful, my brothers family is awesome and the visit was a blast. I drove away from his house filled up with the love and joy a visit with them brings, but also with a strong sense of longing for more visits. If you want more details or pics from this visit, send me a note.

Saturday was a lounging day. We went to lunch and colored eggs. Then we met my mother on her way back from NH for dinner. The kids were so excited to see Nonnie again and thrilled that she was finally coming back to her house. As we put the kids to bed on Saturday night - they started to freak out. It was unlike anything we have seen before. Screaming, crying, fighting to get out of bed. After much discussion and more tears, we determined that they were afraid of the Easter Bunny. I had to make a quick call to the big guy and request that he leave their baskets at the neighbors house. I was also instructed to leave a note on the door telling him not to come in. Uhm....maybe we shouldn't have waved at that large ugly thing in the mall!

Easter was a blast, once we assured them that the Easter Bunny was in fact gone. Ill post on that later.

Monday we had planned to go to a zoo to meet one of Mike's friends who works there. She had promised us a great tour and we were so excited. Unfortunately Ella started a fever on Sunday afternoon, and woke up with it on Monday. We had to cancel. Hopefully we can reschedule soon.

So, stay tuned for more details from our trip and some great pics.

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