Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yellow Dust Road

Just follow the yellow dust road....follow the yellow dust road...

Im determined to ignore the ridiculous high pollen count, the powdery yellow coating on everything, my swollen red itchy eyes, and the stuff dripping out of my nose.

It is spring, gosh darn it, and I LOVE spring. I love new flowers, the return of green, flip flops, no winter layers to torture the kids with, and most of all being outside - finally! It is so freeing to just open the slider and let the kids run out in whatever they are wearing. We have been outside non-stop for the past 4 days. Despite my helpful neighbors mothering me, I absolutely refuse to turn the air conditioners on and shut the windows to keep the pollen out. It is SPRING! The smell of the fresh air wafting through your house is one of the best parts!

Allergies appeared in my life while in college. They didn't gradually enter my sinuses, oh no - they blasted in that first year in full force. Since then I do harbor a sense of dread when I see that first Daffodil. I know the pollen is coming. But, every time I start to complain I have vivid flashbacks of my brother Matt. Too many of my memories of Matt are of him with major allergy symptoms. It didn't stop our family from asking him to mow the lawn or prevent us from having a dog. Heck, I used to make the dog roll on his bed when I was mad at him! I don't remember him complaining or whining about it. He went and mowed the lawn, he loved our dogs. But I can't help thinking it must damper his enjoyment of the seasons. It must have added to his low frustration level (which was always pretty low, but you should see what a patient father he is!).

So it is my love for spring and my hopes of avoiding his suffering that I gave Drew allergy medicine. I hate medicine for myself, and even more so for my kids, but I love my little guy and the beautiful seasons more. Drew seems 100% better, no more sneezing, no more red drippy eyes - running, bouncing, and skipping down the yellow dust road.

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