Friday, August 7, 2009

5 Years Ago

What a beautiful day.

What a beautiful life.

I am so lucky.


Nonnie said...

I remember that day . . .like yesterday. You were so beautiful, so happy, so in love. Nothing has changed. You are still beautiful, still happy, still in love. Oh. ...a few things have changed. I forgot. Ella, Drew, and Tyler have tripled your beauty, tripled your happiness and quadrupled your love! Lucky you. Congratulations my girl. Life is beautiful and you know how to make it perfect. love from your maid of honor, mom. p.s. I tried on my dress! doesn't fit!! Oh well . . . I think my maid of honor days are over. Ella???? Love you so much. Give my Mike a hug for me. He is the best. Celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lauren!!! I read your blog everyday, its great. Enjoy the day. Hope you are doing something fun!!

Mary (Howard) Merrill

Monkey Business said...

Thanks guys!
Oh, there is no way my dress would fit!! Wouldn't that be a cute way to meet Mike at the Train on friday though?!