Friday, August 21, 2009


Sometimes we forget they are twins. We are asked less frequently as they get older, especially since Drew is getting a little taller a little faster. I guess you can say the novelty has worn off a little.

Other times I look at them in amazement. That they were in "there" together. That they have spent everyday of their entire lives together. They share a room, they share toys, they share friends. How special is that?

The books tell me that as they get older it becomes more important for us to help them focus on themselves, as individuals, not twins. To encourage them to become their own little people, to not always be identified as twins. I can see the point, but isn't it a little sad? Being twins is special and positive and unique. I guess a balance is best.

I can't wait to see how they do in school. Im keeping them together, of course - they don't need to be totally traumatized by school! I figured being separated from me for the first time is enough without separating them. Most people assume that quieter Drew will rely on Ms. Social Ella to help him adjust to school. Im sure she will. But I also know that as Ella braves uncharted territory, she always looks back for Drew.

They support each other. Sometimes Drew in the lead, sometimes Ella, sometimes side by side.

It's awesome.

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