Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Can you just hear him saying "Cheeeeese!"

My three wee ones can be quite difficult at times, mostly just for the sheer fact that there are three of them. But at other times, they are so easy to please it is comical.

Some of their cheap thrills:

* Riding in Shopping Carts, especially the car ones at Stop & Shop and the large 3 seaters at Target

* Fruit, any kind, any time - donuts - juice boxes - and these strange organic fruit bar things

* Glue (for art projects, not sniffing)

* Movies, although they only watch 101 Dalmations and Fox & the Hound

* Spray Bottles filled with water

How fun is it to be a kid?!

1 comment:

AuntieM said...

I remember the simple days when we used to play marbles and steelies and cats eye. Your children are very fortunate that you keep their mind going all day. You can tell by the way they speak and their interesting stories they tell. Bless you all!