Monday, August 10, 2009

End of an Era

It happens all the time as a parent. You are faced with shaking up one of your tried and true methods or routines, and it is scary.

"If I change the car seat and no longer use the carrier, HOW will I get the baby to the car?!"

"If I stop the last nursing or take away the last bottle, will the baby go to sleep?"

Yes, once you have moved on and look back at your trepidation, you feel a bit ridiculous. But at the time, you may tend to obsess. It is one of those annoying things about yourself that you didn't realize you were even capable of until you became a mother. Correction, "That" mother. The one you never thought you would become.

So, Ella and Drew are no longer napping. I was petrified of this day. It has been obvious for a while that they don't need an afternoon siesta - Ella especially. It would take them an hour or so to fall asleep and then that night they would be up until all hours talking, playing, yelling down for Daddy. I knew they were ready.

But I wasn't. I love my afternoon of peace and quiet. Two to three hours (I know, gluttonous) of uninterrupted thinking, house work (who am I kidding), tea drinking and reading (that's more like it). Would I be able to make it through the afternoon without my head exploding? Honestly, I was doubtful.

Here we are a week into it, and I must report, I love it! We have been doing art projects, reading together, talking, and miracle of all miracles they play with each other and alone so nicely. Once Tyler the Trouble Maker is snoozing in his crib, the whole house seems to exhale.

Glorious. A welcome change.

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