Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I went for a much needed haircut today. I sat in the chair flipping through gossip magazines trying to figure out what is in style.

I am out of touch. To add insult to injury, my birthday is approaching and I feel in need of a little sprucing up. Something to counteract the aging.

The stylist (that is what they are called now-a-days) was selling the bob. She was doing a good job convincing me. She even paraded a few people past me to demonstrate how it would look.

It was close, but I decided against it. Not because I was afraid. Not because I particularly love long hair.

Why not go for the bob? Because I love when Ella and Drew watch me put my hair up and say, "I love ponytail mommy."

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Monkey Business said...

Not just because I am her mother . . . but . . . she looks absolutely fabulous!! I think the new look is a little bit fresh, hot , sassy and blonde!! Imagine being all that and a mommy of three too!! Whoo! Mike you are one lucky man!!