Monday, August 3, 2009


Nana Vera's house is the kind of house that you need to fish in. There are so many drawers just begging to be opened. Candy, pictures, thimbles, or magnifying glasses are treasures just waiting to be found. As a kid, ah who am I kidding, even now they call to me. I can't resist.

You can see how I was so tickled to catch Drew fishing in Nana's drawers on our last visit.

Hers is also the kind of house where at any moment she may start washing the windows, or dry mop the floor. If you look close you can see her mopping the bathroom floor in the background.

Oh yeah, she's 92.

I love this picture, I love that house, I love that woman.

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Shauna said...

When Mike and I arrived at Nana's house on Saturday at about 10:00 a.m., the floor had already been thoroughly dry mopped. And yet, by 11:30, the mop had mysteriously made its way back out for round two.