Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Apple's Shadow

There it is, just past the fire hydrant and across the river.
Most of the time it comes into view as we drive to our friends houses or the store. The kids point out New York City and recognize the Empire State building. They don't yet recognize all of the amazing opportunities we have by living close to this amazing city, but already I can see the influence on them. Their ease with crossing busy streets, their interest in different museums and their exposure to so many different cultures.
Sometimes living so close we take it for granted, citing the hassles of the city as excuses. But every once in a while I take a breath and look over at the skyline and remember how lucky we are.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I just sent pictures and wrote in my blog about taking the mountains for granted. Most rides for us involve views of mountains,fields, farms. I wanted to go into Boston today and matt voted Franconia Notch. It was amazing and I left never wanting to be too far away from here. We'll need to consider exposing the cousins to both.. country and city living :) Heidi

Monkey Business said...

I loved your pics! Yes, we would love to come for apple picking and you must do a field trip to the BIG city :) Anytime, load up the van and come!

Monkey Business said...

ps. Heidi you can't mention your blog if you aren't going to let me read it!!

Nonnie said...

what? Heidi has a blog?? Oh, c'mon girl . . share the love!!!!!! We need more of those babies and their stories, adventures, and fun. Share girl!!!