Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School Feast/Fiasco

I read about Nie Nie's back to school feast and I had to try my own.

The vision: quiet dinner of their favorite foods, beautifully decorated crowns, a game or two, encouraging talk about school.

The reality: A mess.

Looking back I realize I tried to do a little too much that day.(Did I really need the tissue paper flowers?) And of course the kids were exhausted and by the end of the feast they were all injured. But all in all, I think they had fun and I hope they felt special. That was the goal.

At least I have plenty to improve on for next year!!


Shauna said...

Well, you DID have the monkey-themed sack race bags, so it was clearly a success! :)

Monkey Business said...

Ha Ha! I can't see a monkey anywhere without thinking of you!