Monday, September 21, 2009

Days to Remember

My parents swooped in for a visit last week. It's been awhile since they were in our house, which feels suddenly more like a home once they arrive. Perhaps it doesn't matter how old you grow or how many children of your own you have, being someones child is a comforting feeling. I just feel better when they are near.

They took the big kids to a zoo, marking Ella and Drew's first time in a car other than our own. My emotions as they pulled out of the driveway caught me off guard. It wasn't about safety it was more about growing up and becoming independent. Despite my teary send off, all of them came back full of smiles and stories and laughter. My mother can't help to point out, several times actually, how much fun they have with the kids when Im not there. Uhm...thanks?!

The following day we went to the Statue of Liberty. We marveled at the spectacular weather and soaked in the NYC skyline. Once you turn 60 it is acceptable to indulge in the Audio Tour without looking like a total nerd and surprisingly Ella enjoyed it as well. Im waiting to hear her blurt out some fascinating Statue statistic while slurping her Cheerios.

The rest of their visit was low key, just being together. It was fabulous.

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Kate said...

I have no idea why I think the audio tour picture of Uncle Steve is so hilarious...haha