Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

I think we were all nervous. It felt as though the day would never arrive. But, today Ella and Drew went to Pre-school.

For an hour.

Seems harmless, yes, but I was up all night. Would they stop crying? Would they be miserable? Why are we doing this anyway?

There was some anxiety this morning as we got dressed and ate breakfast, but by the time we were walking to school they were chattering away.

As I left them in the room, Drew clutched onto my clothes and screamed. The teacher was tearing him away. Tears spilled from my eyes, I turned my head and walked out as quickly as I could. It was one of the hardest moments I have faced as a parent, so far. I reached the end of the hall and turned the corner. Stopping to listen, I didn't hear a thing. No crying, no screaming. As parents passed me they reported that both Ella and Drew were sitting and playing play-doh.

I was afraid to leave the building, nervous to leave the block - expecting to be called back to rescue my screaming child. But I wasn't. At the end of the hour I peeked into the classroom window and there they were singing along with the class. Ella was the line leader, Drew made me a picture and played with trains.

They did it. I did it. We are fine.

More than fine, they were happy.

Although someone was a little lonely!


Sarah said...


I am so proud of Drew and Ella, but mostly I am proud of you. I know it was hard on you but you did it! Are they going to go everyday or just 3 days a week? Sarah

Monkey Business said...

Thanks Sarah!! They are just going two mornings for 3 hours. There are too many fun things to do together to have them stuck in school everyday!