Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Real Story

I love this blog for a bunch of reasons. I love the time to reflect everyday, keeping family connected to our lives, and preserving memories that would otherwise be lost. I hope that one day the kids can look back at the stories and laugh and maybe find inspiration. Maybe once they have kids they can look on to see what they were like at their babies age.

Writing everyday affords me the opportunity to share some things and leave others out.

For example, with this photo I could write about how much Ella and Tyler love each other, because they do. I could tell you all about the fun day we had and how cute the kids are together.

Or I could tell you about how in between shots I was yelling at Ella and Tyler to stop hugging and kissing because it was getting too rough. Or how about 15 seconds after I took this picture they fell back and Tyler hit his head on the windowsill.

Either way the moment is preserved and I have reflected on a great day and great kids.

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