Thursday, September 24, 2009


No, this is not a post about the absolutely fantastic Twilight series. Its about the fall blood drive that my company runs each year. Something that I never thought was really important until my little munchkin was in need of it.

I remember the doctor telling us that Ella needed a blood transfusion. I remember thinking about all the opportunities that I passed up at work to give blood. I remember the terrible feeling I had just thinking of all those emails that I had erased without even giving it a second thought. I thought I was just too busy.

Well, I have changed since then. I now save the blood drive notification email. I put the date and time into my schedule. Yesterday, my reminder popped up on my screen. I smiled as I took the elevator downstairs, thinking of that little ball of fire at home, probably running and screaming through the backyard with her blond curls bouncing around, and I hoped that a little of bit of my blood may help give to some other family what was given to us.



Monkey Business said...

Im crying. You are the best. She is the best. The person who donated the blood that saved her life is the best.
Thank you! Ill add a picture of when she was in the NICU...

AuntieM said...

I'm crying too! xxoo

Nonnie said...

Pass the kleenex . . . I am crying too. I remember those minutes, hours, days. I remember cutting the cord on that little spitfire and announcing "look! she's beautiful! her skin is like milk!!" Little did I know she needed blood. How scared we were. How brave we were. How we all stood by her then, now, and forever. We are family and thankful for all we have. I will make every effort to donate blood next. . . in honor of my Ella.Thanks, Mike.