Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Itch

Maybe it is back to school time, or the new crisp in the air.

Maybe because it was just my birthday.

Maybe it is just because Im me.

But, I have an itch.

An itch to do something. To plan something. To start something.

I wouldn't trade my life as a mom for anything. I absolutely adore being with my kids all day and I cringe at the thought of leaving them. But...there is an itch. I want to become involved in something or someone outside of my kids. I want to use other parts of my brain. The perfect opportunity is out there, I know it is. A need that can be filled in evenings and on occasional weekends. A family, or a child, or an agency that is waiting for a do-gooder such as myself.

Nearly 10 years ago (yes, I am apparently old enough to make that statement), I shared an office with the director of Casa in Montana. I assisted at a few trainings and fell in love with the agency. An information session last night confirmed that one day I will be a part of Casa. Just not right now. I wouldn't be able to give it the time it deserves. But maybe YOU could!

Im the meantime Ill keep looking. This itch is relentless!!

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