Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candy Man

Right up front Ill apologize for the shakiness in this little video clip. We were driving at the time and I found this too funny to pass up. This was Tyler's 5th or 6th lollipop in a row...but who's counting?! It kills me when he does that little lip smacking move...he was doing it the whole way home!

Man, this kid makes us laugh!!

By the way, it must have been Mike that gave him all those lollipops...and 2 at once!! Of course I am not THAT mother :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
You really need to make this blog into a book like the "Julie & Julia" author did. And the banner should be the book title and cover. It's all perfect, and you are a wonderful writer. Maybe it could be a column for a magazine or newspaper (Parents?) sort of like "Sex in the City"?
Sheila Billings
(Shauna's mother)

Monkey Business said...

Oh, Mrs. Billings, you make me blush! And you're right the banner is awesome, as is your daughter for making it for me :) You don't happen to be an editor at Parent's magazine or maybe a publisher?!