Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The thing about kids is that nothing is ever the same for very long. They scream when you give them a bath? Just wait next week they will love it and not want to get out. They need to have the latest and greatest toy? Relax, soon it will be a fad of the past and you'll be off the hook. Kids acting crazy and your life a mess? Change your focus and relish the happy, quiet moments.

We were trying to be patient with the new worker at the Gap who was trying to be patient with my return from, gasp, an on-line sale. The line behind me was growing and I was trying to wrangle my kids. Wait, no I wasn't. They sat at the counter and played a game with their bouncy balls. I glanced around and noticed the approving looks instead of the sympathetic winces. My chest puffed a little with pride and I relished the moment and snapped a photo for proof!

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