Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at Nursery School

Another chance to wear costumes - woo hoo!!! They couldn't have been more excited. They marched into the gym, sang a few songs then we all rushed outside so they could parade past us.

There was at least one camera per adult and plenty of video cameras in the room.

Why? Because something happens to you when you become a parent. Suddenly a 3 year old dressed in a costume barely singing a lame pumpkin song is equivalent to winning a gold medal in the Olympics. My heart was exploding out of my chest, my grin stretched so tight across my face, and the overwhelming urge to scream, "do you see them?! those are my kids!!"

Because they are. I made them. Literally. And they are so awesome that they make a lackluster performance in a musty basement gym absolutely amazing.

Im preparing myself now for organized sports, high school performances and everything bigger than preschool. Im not sure I will be able to take it.

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