Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tea with Barney

We took Tyler's pacifier away, did I tell you that? It was scary and painful for all of us. It seems like only yesterday when I struggled to get him to use it. But in reality there were about 12 months of quieter car rides, longer naps and happier good nights. If only his teeth agreed with the pacifier as much as we do!

So, with no more nippy or "nip-nips" as Tyler called it, we wake up earlier. Yeah. Tyler and I creep downstairs and curl up on the couch together. He watches Barney and I sip tea, smell my boys hair, and watch the light gradually fill the room.

I guess it works out for both of us.


The Wagner Family said...

I need to learn from you! You are stronger than I. "Dee Dee," is Sofia's love, but I need to take it away. How did you do it??

Monkey Business said...

Oh it stinks. But, actually it wasn't that bad. You just feel so bad for the little guys! You give them something to help them sleep and then take it away months later - nice :( Anyway, I made Ella and Drew throw theirs in the garbage and on top of their suffering I felt so guilty saying no when they asked for them. So this time I took a page from my mom's parenting book and cut them. Tyler picked it up, tried it and gave it to me saying, "uh-oh!" He tried it a few times, but eventually threw them all out of his crib. We had to do the ol Cry it Out for a night and he has been fine ever since. He cried about 15 min. Good Luck!