Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Miss Independent

"Mom, Im going to climb up really high. You can go with Tyler, I don't need you."

Swell. Stab. Swell.

"Mom, when we go ice skating you sit on the bench with Tyler and Drew and Im going to give it a try all by myself. OK mom?"

Swell. Stab. Swell.

"Ill just go play at the register while you shop. Ill be fine, ok mom?"

Swell. Stab. Swell.

With every giant step of independence she takes my heart swells with pride. But, there is also a little stab. She doesn't need me. The little teeny tiny 4 pounder that I have fed, bathed and smothered with love for 4 years wants to go without me. It is necessary. It is natural. It is exactly what she should be doing. I am so proud and trying to ignore the little pinch to my heart.

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