Thursday, October 8, 2009


Im not sure I have been totally rested since I became pregnant with Ella and Drew. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started having dreams that they were born blind. Blame the doctor for mentioning that as a risk factor of premature birth. Anyway, I would be up half the night after one of those doozies. Then as my belly grew it was just too uncomfortable to sleep. Once they were born, well forget it. I may have had a few nights of uninterrupted sleep before becoming pregnant with Tyler, but I doubt it.

So, now that they are all sleeping through the night, I should too, right? I sort of do, but not the peaceful deep sleep of my pre-parenthood days. I seem to hear every time one of them rustles, or coughs, or I may lay awake wondering if they are cold or hot, or something. I think I can get over this, though.

What I can't get past is the need to stay up late. Once they are all settled in bed, I can't bring myself to go to bed myself. I want to treasure every last minute of quiet, uninterrupted peaceful time. To read, to mess around on the computer, to watch bad reality shows. Then I end up falling asleep on the couch, waking with a crick in my neck and climbing into bed just as I catch a second wind. Laying awake for an hour, and waking in the morning exhausted. Is it possible I inherited this from my father?!

To add insult to injury the kids rub their sleeping abilities and opportunities in my face. They fight sleep like it's a trip to the dentist. Why don't they appreciate daily naps and early bed times? Perhaps teenagers are the only ones with both the love of sleep and the time to gorge themselves on late mornings and afternoon siestas.

Yes, I know the answer is to become more disciplined and go to bed earlier myself. But if a mother can't complain of a lack of sleep than what?!! Humor me...

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