Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Farm Day

Oh, how I love this farm! You can touch every animal and hold lots of their adorable babies from chicks to rabbits to piglets.
"Daddy, I squeezed the cow's beche until peepees came out." (Obviously we missed an important part of the lesson here)
All 3 little city slickers (and their friends) got right into every pen, asked great questions, and loved those animals all up. They remembered to respect the animals and they marveled at the hooves, the fur, the feathers.
I daydreamed about living on a little farm somewhere with open space to explore. The kids would experience the magic of animals everyday and we would take deep breaths of fresh air and spend quiet nights gazing at skies full of stars.

But then we hopped back on the parkway and returned to the shadow of the Big Apple, the people, the lights, and the congestion - where we remind ourselves that beauty and happiness can be found anywhere.

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