Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seeing Red

We followed the red trail, fittingly clad in our new fall staples - matching red sweatshirts from Grandma.
We found bits of Fall in the leaves on the ground, the crisp air, and the sun that began setting too early.
We ran alongside the bubbling river which provided the perfect soundtrack - interrupted only by the crunch of leaves underfoot and little voices singing, "going on a hike. going on a hike."
We paused for pictures on fallen logs, explored uprooted trees, and traipsed across quaint wood bridges.
We introduced our baby to the outdoors that we love so much and I think he started to love it too.
I took pause to be thankful for my family, the beauty that surrounds us, the miracle of new life, and with almost every step I was thankful for my health - for the absence of pain. It had been too long since we ventured into the woods together, but -wow- Fall is the perfect time to start again.


Nonnie said...

I love the story . . I love the matching red sweatshirts from Grandma . . .I love the feeling of fall and all of your new adventures. I love that you loved the day. But my favorite part of the story was that you actually said that you feel no pain. OH MY. Thank you God. For too many months we all watched you blog thru these stories, and we knew you were in pain. But you still did it. To witness these adventures and know you are truly enjoying every moment without pain should make everyone that follows this blog . . say. Thank you God for helping our Lauren. Thank you, Lauren for always sharing with us . You are very special. Good days are ahead. . . !! I promise. I love you my babe.

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

I am beside myself... Colby is just ridiculously cute... A good-looking baby indeed! Love him so Much!!! xoxoxo