Monday, October 18, 2010

Middle Man

No longer the baby, Tyler finds himself smack in the middle between a set of preschooler twins and the cutest infant on Earth. Tyler was born with the expectation to fit into our family and he has fought it at every turn. Seems he was also born with an independent streak that will outlast the most stubborn of us.

As the baby of the family he regularly upset the roost with his demanding screams and refusal to participate in pretty much everything. We all rolled our eyes in frustration and accommodated him as best we could, because he was after all the baby.

Well, he isn't anymore. There is a new baby in town, and as great as Colby is, he still has pretty demanding needs. Tyler has adjusted amazingly well. He is loving, kind, and surprisingly causing fewer disruptions than before the new arrival.

The last few weeks have been eye opening. Tyler and I (and Colby) have 3 mornings to ourselves while the big kids are in school. We go to a gym class together, story time, the grocery store and parks. Sometimes we just hang around and fold laundry together. I feel like Im getting to know a whole new Tyler. He is reserved (say, what?!), observant, and as always funny.

There are still some moments where I roll my eyes, or worse, but I have a new appreciation for the little boy my Tyler is becoming.

(And I am smitten with those lips!)

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