Friday, October 15, 2010

My Turn?

We went to a pony riding birthday party this past weekend. After bribing my city slickers, they enjoyed the ride and even went back a few times for more. My silly kids think an animal 4 times their size is a little scary!
I stood there watching them walk around and around - my senses on overload. I love the smell of horses and hay. My feet were in a dusty paddock, my hands tickled by little Hanks soft muzzle. If the kids weren't so cute I would have shoved them off and jumped on Hank myself (although my post-pregnancy body may very well have smooshed him, oh who am I kidding my pre-pregnancy body would squash him!). Just being near him brought back so many amazing pony filled memories. But more than the memories, I wanted to ride NOW. It has been way too long and probably even longer until I ride again.

But, I will. Everything I can think of to write here sounds so corny - so we will just leave it at I will ride again...someday.

In the meantime, at a few dollars a pop, Ill watch the kids take little rides and Ill settle for the smell and a quick pat here and there.


kdk said...

So cute! And Ella looks so tall!!

The Wagner Family said...

Lauren once its in your blood it always is. Ava started riding lessons and I feel like I am six again watching her. Such great memories we have together riding. Yes will be our turn again.