Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Stage...part one

The day after they were born, Ella was whisked away by ambulance to another hospital. She stayed there for a week. I was a mess, to say the least, for so many reasons. But the one thought that summoned tears at all moments of the day was that my twins were separated. It wasn't acceptable. They needed each other.

They spent the next 6 months side by side, night and day - just as I thought they should be. Then one morning I fetched them from their crib to find one on top of the other. Uhmm, even I couldn't rationalize keeping them in the same crib any longer. So they were moved into cribs parked right next to each other. It was one of the hardest nights of my life. I mourned for them, wondering how they could handle suddenly being so alone. I was up all night, but, Ella and Drew - they slept, soundly all night long.

They moved into beds a few years later - sharing a room, late night chats, and stuffed animals.

Until last night.

Ella moved out to her own room and Tyler moved in with Drew.

And I fought back the tears.

to be continued...

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