Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach Blanket Bingo

It is hard to deny the draw of the beach. A feast for the senses that both excites and relaxes at the same time. One of the many reasons we moved, instead of hours we now measure our distance to the shore in minutes. 

The first stop - driving onto the beach. It was a literal drive down memory lane for me as we bumped along the shore of Duxbury beach following the car of my childhood friend. We settled into our chairs and as our kids played together we remembered doing the same so many years ago. 

Next stop, the Spit. An awesome beach reached only by boat. Uncle Mark and Auntie Teri treated us to a day straight out of the picture books. As if a boat ride isn't fun enough, there was soft sand, gentle waves lapping the shore and buckets of hermit crabs to be found. 

We can certainly get used to this. 

1 comment:

jan said...

WELCOME BACK ! just one thing ... now that you are back in NEW ENGLAND . you must start calling the beach the beach and not the shore! that's only a NJ thing!!! love cousin jan