Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Like That

I saw the pumpkins at the grocery store last week - but I paid no mind. You see I was heading to the beach to soak in that late summer sun. I wasn't going to let summer go without a good fight. 

Mother Nature is no match for me. 
Fall has arrived with brisk, crisp mornings, hot cups of tea and slippered feet. 
Hooded sweatshirts are pulled from the back of the drawer and the ease of sandals are traded for tugging on socks and tying laces. 

I need to mourn for a minute, just a day or two. 
Then Ill be ready to apple pick and pumpkin carve with the best of them. 

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The Wagner Family said...

I'm in mourning for sure! Sofia and I collected sea glass on the beach today.