Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Then & Now

 And Today::
That is how it happened, and that is how Ill remember it. One day they were little babies and the next off to Kindergarten. 

Sometimes I think it is easier to be the one who leaves. Ella and Drew are in school, busy, playing, laughing, meeting new friends. Mike is at a new job, figuring it out, learning, making new friends. 

And here I am, sick to my stomach. Wondering. Waiting. Are they ok?
Im sure they are, but I would feel better if I could see them. 
Maybe we will go peek in some windows....what else are we going to do?! 


Shauna said...

They still look exactly the same. :) Can't believe they're already off to school!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to cry for you. At least you have Tyler and Colby to keep you busy. But perhaps you will be bored with only two kids under 3. Hahahahaha. Sarah

Maryjo S. said...

They look adorable! Lots of luck to them in kindergarten. I know they'll do great!

kdk said...

I think my Mom would tell you to cherish the few years that they will actually wave to you as they get on the bus! I refused for years.
They look so cute, though. I'm sure they had some stories for you when they came home!