Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swinging By

They have come a long way in almost 6 years!

A popular question was whether or not we would keep them together in school. We decided to keep them together for Kindergarten, even though there wouldn't have been a choice to separate them anyway since the district only offers one half day Kindergarten.

It was cute to hear them talk about going to school on the first day and riding the bus together. I know there was a little extra, much needed, confidence by having each other to climb up those big bus steps. And it made me feel better sending them off, knowing that they were together.

The teacher has sat them next to each other for now, but Ella and Drew report that they never sit together during circle time, at snack time, or on the bus. And each is proud to say they have their own friends to play with it recess.

It is a funny feeling for me as a parent. I want them to be independent and capable of socializing with other kids...but at the same time, I want them to like each other and stay close - I want them to chose to be friends.

Ill just add it to the long, long list of all the things I want for my children. I know I can only try my hardest and watch how it all plays out. And Ill watch a little more carefully, paying attention to all the details before another 5 years swings by.


Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Hi my twins!!! Miss you so much!!! Xoxox

Brittany said...

So this is random, but I found your blog from you comment on the How Do You Do It? blog and have been looking through it a bit. I've got 13 month old twin girls and I love finding other twin moms (especially moms that are at different stages) to see how THEY do it. :) Consider me a new reader!