Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tyler T Goes to School

"Okaay Mommmy!" 
He sang this all morning as I instructed him to brush his teeth, find his shoes, and go to the bathroom one last time. 
If you know Tyler, you know this is not his usual response to any question aside from "do you want ice cream?" But his first morning of Nursery School he was as giddy as could be - it was finally his turn. 

It's funny how things change and how different your own kids can be. Ella and Drew are still nervous about going to school. And I still worry about them while they are gone. But, Ty...he is awesome, no worries. No looking back, no stopping for a hug, no asking how long he has to stay - he loves it. 

He is so proud of himself, and Im so proud of him. I have to admit that I hugged baby Colby a little tighter after I dropped him off...how do they grow up so fast? 

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Tyler is awesome!!! I'm jealous of his teacher!!! Hugs and love!