Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only Option

When in the last days of September Mother Nature throws you a sunny day in the high 70's, there are no options. There is only one acceptable place to be, the beach. An invitation thrown out in a Facebook message has probably been overused and possibly abused at this point, but I can't stop myself. We raced home from the school bus stop, threw on our bathing suits and piled every known beach toy into the car. We didn't skimp on towels and hey, chairs for everyone!! Because soon we would switch the car into four wheel drive, roll down the windows, crank the tunes and head out on that bumpy road to paradise:: Saquish. We pulled the car onto the empty beach and spent an afternoon I will never forget.
 We have only been to Saquish a few times this year, but the last two visits have been amazing. We are the only ones there. We run, skip and do cartwheels. We lay in tide pools warmed by the sun and fill our buckets with shells and sea glass. We sing songs at the top of our lungs and then walk quietly along the shore. The kids make up games and run farther than my voice can reach, but it doesn't matter. Colby tries to keep up, his chubby feet making miniature foot prints in the sand.

And I just soak it all in. Because in late September on a perfect day at the beach, that is the only option.
ps. Mike asked for an "album cover" type photo of the family - this is my best attempt so far 


kdk said...

Looks amazing!!

maryjoS said...

Wish I was there!!!!!

Shauna said...

Love the album cover!!!! :)