Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jersey Love

Dear Garden State,
I may have made a few jokes at your expense while calling you home for 7 years - I think we are close like that - I only tease the ones I love. I may have given you a bad rap for your poor air quality, crowded living conditions and your overabundance of fashion disasters.

But now I miss you.

Don't get me wrong, I love being back in my home state. But you see, tonight I pumped my own the the rain, and well, all I could think about was you. You, New Jersey, with your quick only slightly scary gas attendants and super low gas prices.

And then my mind wandered to all of your other noteworthy attributes. The bagels, oh your bagels are the best. Our favorite little zoo. The gorgeous views of NYC that I saw everyday.

But as I drove home in the darkness of true suburbia, I realized that it wasn't all those silly things that I miss. Because NJ will never be about gas or bagels. New Jersey will always be about our family. And that is what I miss.

So, NJ take care of my family and we will be back real soon.



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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

There aren't even words for the silence in our house when you are all not here.... I know it is for the best, i love Massachusetts... But I really miss my brother and his beautiful family.... And our Massachusetts fam the Virtas!!! lets just build a magical bridge from our house to yours... We're coming up soon! Love you all! Xxoo