Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you Happy Mommy?

Ella asks me this several times a day. I answer pretty much the same every time - "Oh, yes I am happy! I love to be with you guys and the day is beautiful..." yada yada yada. But Im usually preoccupied with something else.
The other day I read a post over at this blog that started me thinking. Then I watched the 99 Balloons video (google it if you haven't seen it yet). Each day is filled with so many moments to be happy, but I think I waste a lot of them.
I waste moments worrying about silly things like what to wear and what to cook. I waste moments cleaning (although some could argue not enough!) when my kids want to play. I waste moments rushing kids up the stairs, into the car, and out of the bath. I waste moments cleaning up dinner while they still sit and talk. I waste a lot of moments making lists of what to do next instead of doing now. None of these things makes me happy. I truly want to model how to live happily, simply, and purposefully for my kids. To stop, listen, and enjoy. So, Ella if you are reading this someday - Yes, I am happy. I am the happiest mommy there ever was and I am going to work on being even happier every day. Now wake up so we can go play.

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