Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Connected

My Internet access has been patchy at best the last few days...what can we expect when pirating from our neighbors?! I broke down and ordered our own service so we should be all set by weeks end. This is my third attempt at an entry, hopefully I won't get kicked off before Im done.

We went to the Bronx Zoo this past weekend and had an amazing time. What an awesome place. The animals were so accessible and active - not the half dead hidden in a bush type that you encounter at other zoos. Ella, Drew and Tyler loved it. From his bed in the morning Drew declared, "I want to ride a camel." He talked about it the whole way there. When we approached the camel rides and asked if he wanted to go, he gave us a strong "Not Either!" This is his new way of saying "no." I have no idea where it came from.

We raked leaves for the first time last week. My poor little city dwellers had not experienced it before. They had a blast jumping and running through the piles. Drew was even a pro at loading up the leaves.

There has been a lot of birthday talk as of late. I was surprised to encounter this response to a discussion of twins, "I don't want to share my birthday! I want my own!" I thought this would come much farther down the road. They seem content to hear that each will get their own cake, present and song. Drew changes his mind frequently on what type of cake he wants - dump truck, cookie monster, guitar. Ella asked for a drum cake and then came up with a Strawberry ice cream cake with sprinkles. Stay tuned, we have a few months to change our minds!

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