Monday, October 6, 2008

Torture Ride

Ella and Drew have lots of fears. They can't verbalize them yet, but we can tell by the screaming and crying. We used to comfort them and would never push them to do something they didn't want to do. But now we know better. I just can't let them miss any more fun stuff. So, I forced them on the carousel, now they love it. I made them hold the little stick for the birds to eat at the zoo. "Daddy, I freaked out!" they reported that day. This week we tortured them by planning a hay ride. They started crying while approaching the menacing tractor pulling that frightening hay. By the time we climbed onto the hay they both were screaming with snot and tears all over their faces. They were clutching Mike and I as if we were about to throw them from a cliff. The people already seated were looking at us as with a mix of humor, annoyance, and disbelief. After a solid five minutes of waiting, screaming, begging, and choking the tractor finally started up. We hadn't moved 10 feet when Drew exclaimed, "It's like a train ride! I like it mommy!" Ella soon followed with an "I LOVE it!" Little pains in the A^&%%es!

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