Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures Displayed

If you're like me, you take tons of pictures, load them onto your computer, and then look at them occasionally. I haven't printed any pics in months. A shame, because there are so many that I love and that evoke different emotions just by catching a glimpse of them. So, anyway, I had the idea to arrange a bunch of my favorites on a wall somewhere in the house in June. Then I gave up on the idea because, well, it was summer and we had WAY too much to do. Recently I saw this on one of my favorite blogs and I was inspired again. I should have spent a little more on quality frames. I got these for less than $1 a frame at The Christmas Tree Shop. I also should have bought more as I printed out a bunch more 5X10s and I had to leave out a few I really love. Anyway, here is the result. I love that it is near the table. I look at the pictures 3 times a day as I am feeding the kids. Sometimes when they aren't acting so cute it helps to look at pics of when they were!

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