Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Im about to load some pictures on to the computer for a post about the children's museum today - but their little voices floating down the stairs are killing me. They are into reciting their favorite books to each other before they go to sleep. Two of the top choices from the library this week are "Shaggy, Waggy Dogs" a book of photos and little poems about different breeds and Goldilocks. Here is what I hear:

"Shaggy, Waggy Dogs! Im a dog that likes to play. I can play all day. Catch that Frisbee. That's a Peedle, Drew." (she means poodle)

"Unsa ona time, there were 3 bears in the woods. The Daddy bear, mommy bear, and the wee little baby bear. Too Hot! Just right! She broke the chair to pieces! No one knows."

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