Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Theory

Well, it seemed like a good idea.

Backdrop: I provide healthy, cost effective meals as often as possible. Sure, we indulge in the occasional chicken nugget and Mac & cheese from the box. But, on a whole I offer natural foods with as little processing and additives as possible. And I hate to waste food, especially with my grocery bill reaching ridiculous heights, coupons or not.

This morning was chilly and I could think of no better breakfast then yummy oatmeal. Not the processed over packaged individual servings oatmeal...but the simmered on the stove with milk, raisins, apples and a touch of brown sugar oatmeal. I let the kids sprinkle in the raisins and apples to really make it exciting. I served it up and sat back to watch them enjoy. Well, it wasn't going over well. (With the exception of garbage disposal Tyler who polished off 2 bowls!) Ella really tried to like it and finally resorted to hunting and eating only the raisins. Drew sat and stared at it. He didn't even pick up his spoon. When they started asking for "something else" I emphatically stated "Try one bite of oatmeal and if you don't like it, you can have cereal." I mean, isn't that what parents are supposed to say?!Ella ate her bite immediately and asked for cereal. Drew refused. Cut to 20 min later and Drew was sitting stoically periodically asking for cereal while Ella was on her second bowl. When I brought out the peaches he was nearly in tears. Finally he ate one measly drop of oatmeal and then downed the peaches. After 2 bowls of cereal, peaches and kiwi he ate a few more bites of oatmeal on his own. I have to say, even though this ended somewhat successfully, it was heartbreaking. I felt like such a tyrant!

Poor Tyler will be eating the leftovers for the next 3 days!

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