Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Bestest

Ella doesn't miss a beat. She has been on her toes looking for opportunities to score some praise. Drew not cleaning up, "But Im really good at cleaning up." Tyler mastered jumping off a step, there's Ella, "But, mom I think I am a really good jumper. Watch me!" Uhmm, where did that come from?

The story goes that whenever one of my brothers got himself into trouble, I would interrupt the scolding by asking my parents, "But, am I the bestest?" My pestering for validation was not limited to my brothers' weak moments. Oh no. I also competed for the spotlight during their athletic achievements, board game victories, and when they completed a chore.

Thank goodness I have grown out of that! Or, have I...

I've certainly grown up. I have the driver's license, the marriage license and the degrees to prove it. I've lived far away from home for over 10 years. Heck, I have three children of my own.

But still, I long for their approval. I want to be the best parent, the best friend, the...well, the bestest at everything. It may be because I hold them in such high regard that their opinion trumps all. It may be that I have a deep seeded competitive spirit.

Whatever it was or is, doesn't matter. Because they always made me feel the bestest and that has made all the difference.

And now I know what to do when Ella Bells asks the question, exactly what they did.


kailherd said...

Hi Lauren!
I have been following your adorable web site for a few months now!! You are amazing! I think you say so many things we all think each and every day! You really should write a book! Laura and I are always talking about your blogs!! So cute!
What a wonderful tool you have created for your guys to read when they are older!

Monkey Business said...

Oh, you are so sweet! I can see how many people read my little ramblings, but I don't know who. I love that the Kailher's are representing! Thanks!!