Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Your Eyes

In your eyes, you have the two best grandmas a kid could ask for. Quick with the fruit snacks and hugs, they wrap their arms around you, smile at your tricks, and love all your stories. They don't mind when you are loud, crying, or being fresh - in fact that is when they love you the most. You literally grow taller when they are near.

In your eyes, your daddy is a superhero. He is the biggest, the fastest, and the strongest. He laughs at all your jokes, finds all the best tv shows, and will do one more of anything. He never gets mad or frustrated, rather he will go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. You shine when Daddy is home.

In your eyes, Caca is a stuffed animal that has come to life. You climb on him like a jungle gym, mess up his hair, and take off his shoes. He introduced you to donuts and has kept a steady stream of them coming ever since. You crave his stories, listening with eyes wide, happily perched on his belly. You are happier kids when you are with Caca.

ps. All photos taken by Ella and Drew

1 comment:

AuntieM said...

Whoa! Yes Lauren, these kids are too cool for school. Great pictures! Are they 4 going on 40? Love and miss you tons!