Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Shot

I must admit hearing the ultrasound technician say "twins" was scary. And discovering I was pregnant again when those twins were 16 months old was even scarier. 3 kids in 2 years, how would I do it? Would we survive?

But now I love that they are so close in age(well, most of the time). Tyler is old enough to participate in just about everything, and Ella and Drew are young enough to do the stuff he likes. They love playing the same things, going to the same places - heck they even love taking baths together!! It is so fun to be together and enjoy it. No one is bored. No one is left out.

Would I do it the same way again?

A million times, Yes!!

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Nonnie said...

Like mother . . . like daughter. Everyone thought we were crazy . . . three kids in under 3 years. Crazy???? I think we were lucky!! Wouldn't have changed a thing!