Friday, November 20, 2009

More Thanks

Im Thankful that my arms and my life are this full of love and joy.

ps. Ill be taking a break next week as we travel home to be with family. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


AuntieM said...

We hope you have a very safe trip, wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you in our life! XOXOXO

Nonnie said...

Happiness and thankful is in the eyes of those three little faces . . . how lucky are they to have a mom like you? How lucky are you to have those three little happy faces? How thankful am I to have you all? I am the luckiest "nonnie" in the whole world. I love you all so much.

Kristin said...

Such a cute family you have! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just posted a tutorial that I hope helps, feel free to email me with any other questions. The thing to keep in mind potato stamping is pretty 'rustic' and far from perfect :)